Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Satin, lace, and countless embraces fading as the seasons do
Mystical fog billows and envelopes, shrouding what’s light
Shadows cast, muddying everything in its path
Discernable not are the undulations and palette of her leaves
Roots fighting to sprawl wide beneath the earth

A patina encroaches upon the bark of yesterday
Yet she stands tall,

Biding her place, hoping again to be tickled by the sun

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Orange striped dress

Across from an ink black river, watercolor palisades,
And hazy indigo gradient sunset,
Stands a girl in an orange striped dress
Fuzzy yellow rays reach out toward her from the horizon

Staccato drums, a zippy violin, and his gritty voice entrances
She loses herself singing every word to the melody
The candy dress swaying by the light of the sliver moon
All the while, a lone star watches over her

The sky retires to night,
Turning the crowd into a reflecting pool of the infinite twinkles from above
She finds a common neon thread that fades the loneliness
Of a sea of people upon that basaltic desert hillside