Monday, March 19, 2012

Haiku for Rocio

Rocio or Pam
We kick balls; rock trivia;
Have heart and joke 'round

Day dreams

The gentle sounds of an acoustic guitar creep in
And brings its friendly message to a worldly wanderer
The brooding cello joins and swells;
Moody, but warmly content
Unapologetic snowflakes float and fall where they please
As high notes of a piano tickle his ears
Opera voices deepen his thoughts and take him away

Friday, March 9, 2012


After erosion, a deep crevice remains
An arid wasteland surrounds,
Where tears flow, but do not nourish;
Logic is endangered here
Reason cannot triumph over Goliath-sized fears, lurking
A paltry self cowers in hidden spaces
Surveying the scene through wide aperture
Blurring the edges where the cacti may prick
Delusions that being an achromatic drone is safer, preferred,
To navigate from heart to mind
Vowing to let the extraneous turn to dust;
And to continue the odyssey